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A unique workshop opportunity!


Choral Academy

Joe Miller, conductor


Register early and SAVE!!


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Concerts Schedule



Sunday, June 30, Kalamazoo

8 PM

Opening Service – First Congregational Church


Bruce Neswick, organ

Sistrum, Lansing Women’s Chorus

The Very Reverend Joy Rogers


Monday, July 1, Kalamazoo

9 AM

Organ Recital – First Baptist Church


Susan De Kam

2 PM

Winner’s Recital – First Presbyterian Church


Regional Competition for Young Organists Winner

8 PM

Organ Recital – St Augustine Cathedral


Nathan Laube


Tuesday, July 2, Kalamazoo

9 AM

Handbells & Organ Concert – St Luke’s Episcopal Church


Kalamazoo Ringers, Janet Van Valey, conductor

Joseph Daniel, organ

3:30 PM

Organ Recital – First United Methodist Church


Christian Bischof

8 PM

Organ Recital – First Baptist Church


Renée Anne Louprette


Wednesday, July 3, Battle Creek

10 AM

Organ Recital – St Thomas Episcopal Church


Thomas Bara

10 AM

Organ Recital – Miller Chapel, First Congregational Church


Susan De Kam

11 AM

Organ Recital – First Presbyterian Church


Yun Kyong Kim

1:30 PM

Organ Recital – Sanctuary, First Congregational Church


Huw Lewis and Karl Schrock

4:30 PM

Choral Academy Performance – St Philip Catholic Church


Joe Miller, conductor

7 PM

Closing Concert – W.K. Kellogg Auditorium


David Schrader, organ


Western Brass Quintet

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