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A unique workshop opportunity!


Choral Academy

Joe Miller, conductor


Register early and SAVE!!


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Choral Academy

Unique Elective Workshop

If you work with choirs, you'll want to take part in the Choral Academy elective. Under the direction of Dr. Joe Miller, conductor of the famed Westminster Choir (Westminster Choir College, Princeton, NJ), the Academy offers four rehearsals with Dr. Miller, plus a performance by the Academy on Wednesday of the Convention.


Only the first of four rehearsals is during workshop time. None of the rehearsals interferes with other performances. You'll still have plenty of time to attend the workshops, the exhibits, and to enjoy the scheduled meals on your own.

The Choral Academy was open to convention registrants on a first-come first-served basis, with a limit of 80 singers, based upon balanced sections.

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